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Business Intelligence & Insight Analyst

Who are we looking for?

  • Above all else, you love data, but more specifically, you love the way data can be used to find insight and commercial value. You like getting your hands dirty.
  • You are highly commercial, able to differentiate what might be ‘interesting’ to what can be reliably considered as commercially insightful, and can make decisions off the back of the data.
  • You possess bundles of enthusiasm. You are a data evangelist.
  • You are able to articulate complex concepts clearly and succinctly. However more importantly, you can listen to people and ask the right questions to find their ‘need’ and can educate clients and internal stakeholders on analytics and insight best practices.
  • You have designed and built a number of impactful interactive dashboards that serve a commercial purpose.
  • You know how to interrogate a database, transform and join datasets, perform data discovery and at least basic statistics.
  • You are self-aware and can dismiss dead-ends quickly.
  • You are constantly wanting to learn more. You are proactive and fully complete projects to a high quality.

Skills – Highly Desirable

  • Knowledge of Tableau Desktop - able to build complex visualisations and dashboards (but know when a simple bar chart will do).
  • Alteryx - if you can build predictive models, that’s enough. If you can use the Interface and Developer tabs, you should definitely call us.

Skills – Desirable

  • Administrator knowledge of Tableau Server
  • Knowledge of Amazon Redshift or other data warehouse solutions
  • Strong understanding of SQL
  • Understanding of free-text analysis, probably through using tools (e.g. Clarabridge, Crimson Hexagon, Sysomos, Brandwatch etc.)
  • Degree level education or equivalent experience.

What will you be doing?

We’re a late stage startup based in Southwark and this role is part of a new data team with some specific projects over the next few months. Your first 4-6 months will probably look like this:

Client reporting solution - 65%

Working with consultants, in-house developers, product managers, account managers and clients to build a new client reporting solution. It will definitely include building dashboards, testing with clients and internal teams who use the dashboards, experimentation with data structures, training internal resources on how to use the tools and talk about the benefits. It may also include client demos, building the ETL process, and working out our approach to achieving and maintaining clean data.

Customer insight - 30%

Client-facing element, meeting with clients to understand their key issues and pain and what solution we could build for them to help them use review data more effectively. Hacking together quick prototypes for client demos and working closely with sales, account managers and product managers to drive new business. Building impactful and insightful dashboards. Exploratory analysis. Using text-based analysis tools on our review data.

Internal reporting & analytics - 5%

Improving our internal reporting - working with the COO, CFO, CMO, CPO etc. to identify our key KPIs and building automated dashboards, accessible to everyone to improve data-driven decision making in the company.

After this period, your time may break down like this:

Client reporting solution - 20%

Maintaining the reporting solution, fixing bugs if they emerge. Improving the current solution. Talking to clients to see if they’re getting the most from the solution and helping drive adoption in their business. Client demos. When a new use-case becomes apparent, building a dashboard to fit that need.

Customer insight - 70%

As above, including building anonymised insight demo dashboards for different use cases.

Internal reporting & analytics - 10%

As above, including optimising our business using predictive analytic techniques: what time should we send emails? How do we improve our publish rate?

This is a new position and to some extent, you will have the opportunity to influence the composition of the role and the direction of the team in the future.

Who are we?

  • We are a high growth, late stage start-up in the Ratings & Reviews space with a nice office in Southwark.
  • We provide market-leading services to 200+ brands across 60+ countries in 30+ languages.
  • We are passionate and protective of our brand values of trust and impartiality.
  • We are focused on helping shoppers make the best choice whilst boosting sales for our clients and helping them engage with and understand their customers.
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