Embedded Product Reviews

To display embedded product reviews in your website you have to

1. include the Reevoomark Javascript library

2. Include our embedded reviews CSS in your HTML header, using the HTML link below:

  <link rel="stylesheet" href="//mark.reevoo.com/stylesheets/reevoomark/embedded_reviews.css" type="text/css" />

3. add the reevoo-embedded-product-reviews tag with trkref="TRKREF" and sku="SKU" and per_page="PER_PAGE" and optionally, locale="LOCALE" attributes

  • TRKREF should be replaced with your unique account code
  • SKU needs to be dynamically replaced with the corresponding product SKU
  • PER_PAGE needs to be replaced by the number of reviews to display per page, as the reviews will be paginated.
  • LOCALE needs to be replaced by the locale of the desired reviews (for example en-GB or it-IT)


<reevoo-embedded-product-reviews  trkref="TRKREF" sku="SKU" per-page="10"></reevoo-embedded-product-reviews>
<reevoo-embedded-product-reviews  trkref="TRKREF" sku="SKU" per-page="10" locale="en-GB"></reevoo-embedded-product-reviews>

Embedded Product Reviews for Automotive Partners

Our automotive partners which have been enabled to use Automotive Aggregation, can display the embedded product reviews based on automotive metadata instead of a “sku”.

The automotive metadata includes attributes like manufacturer, model, model-year, and many other ones. Contact us if you need to get the full list of attributes available.

To display embedded product reviews based on automotive metadata, implement steps 1 and 2 as detailed in the section above, and then add the reevoo-embedded-product-reviews tag with attributes trkref="TRKREF", per_page="PER_PAGE", optionally locale="LOCALE", and then any combination of automotive metadata attributes. See some examples below.


<reevoo-embedded-product-reviews  trkref="TRKREF" per-page="10" locale="en-GB" manufacturer="ford"></reevoo-embedded-product-reviews>
<reevoo-embedded-product-reviews  trkref="TRKREF" per-page="10" locale="en-GB" manufacturer="ford" model="fiesta"></reevoo-embedded-product-reviews>
<reevoo-embedded-product-reviews  trkref="TRKREF" per-page="10" locale="en-GB" manufacturer="ford" model="fiesta" model-year="2016"></reevoo-embedded-product-reviews>