Customer Experience Badges

To display the customer experience badge on your website you have to

  1. include the Reevoomark Javascript library
  2. add the reevoo-customer-experience-badge tag with trkref="TRKREF"
  • TRKREF should be replaced with your unique account code

Described steps allows you to display badge with Overall Service rating. To display Customer Service rating set the score attribute to customer_service. To display Delivery rating set the score attribute to delivery.


Overall Service rating:

Overall Service rating badge

<reevoo-customer-experience-badge trkref="TRKREF"></reevoo-customer-experience-badge>

Customer Service rating:

Customer Service rating badge

<reevoo-customer-experience-badge score="customer_service" trkref="TRKREF"></reevoo-customer-experience-badge>

Delivery rating:

Delivery rating badge

<reevoo-customer-experience-badge score="delivery" trkref="TRKREF"></reevoo-customer-experience-badge>

Branch Specific:

To limit the score to a particular branch set the branch-code attribute.

<reevoo-customer-experience-badge branch-code="BRANCH_CODE" trkref="TRKREF"></reevoo-customer-experience-badge>

Custom click action

Normally are click actions on badges defined by Reevoo administrators. As a default we open a lightbox when user clicks on the badge.

  • reevoo-click-action attribute gives you posibility to control the behaviour and overwrite default setting.

Available options are open_lightbox, open_window, no_action.

<reevoo-customer-experience-badge trkref="TRKREF" reevoo-click-action="open_lightbox"></reevoo-customer-experience-badge>

Custom click callback

In cases when you need to implement your own logic around click action, we give you ability to define your custom javascript function. This function will be evaluated when user click on the badge, but after standard click action is executed. That means after lightbox is opened. You can use on-click callback together with reevoo-click-action setting.

  • on-click attribute accept javascript function definition
    on-click="function(){ alert('badge clicked') }"