Conversation Badges

To display the conversation badge on your website you have to

  1. Include the Reevoomark Javascript library
  2. reevoo-conversations-badge tag with trkref="TRKREF" and sku="SKU"
  • TRKREF should be replaced with your unique account code
  • SKU needs to be dynamically replaced with the corresponding product SKU


Conversation badge

<reevoo-conversations-badge trkref="TRKREF" sku="SKU"></reevoo-conversations-badge>

Conversation Badges for Automotive Partners

Our automotive partners which have been enabled to use Automotive Aggregation, can display the conversation badges based on automotive metadata instead of a “sku”.

The automotive metadata includes attributes like manufacturer, model, model-year, and many other ones. Contact us if you need to get the full list of attributes available.

To display conversation badges based on automotive metadata, add the reevoo-conversations-badge tag with attributes trkref="TRKREF, and then any combination of automotive metadata attributes. See some examples below.


<reevoo-conversations-badge trkref="TRKREF" manufacturer="ford"></reevoo-conversations-badge>
<reevoo-conversations-badge trkref="TRKREF" manufacturer="ford" model="fiesta"></reevoo-conversations-badge>
<reevoo-conversations-badge trkref="TRKREF" manufacturer="ford" model="fiesta" model-year="2016"></reevoo-conversations-badge>