Reviewables - Short Format

If you pass the parameter format=short to the reviewables endpoint you will be provided with a short format version of reviewables of the specified organisation. This endpoint can be used by any organisation when a list of comma separated SKUs is provided.

When no SKUs are specified all reviewables of the organisation are returned. This functionality is however enabled only for some organisations. Response is cached on the server side and refreshed on a daily basis. The attribute “date_time_created” shows the date/time when the list was last generated.

Note: This API endpoint is not available for the Automotive vertical.

Note: The server will return { status: 406 } if the specified organisation is not supported by this endpoint and no SKUs are specified.


GET /v4/organisations/:trkref/reviewables?format=:format&skus=:skus


Parameter Requirement Description
trkref mandatory  
format optional Allowed values: short
skus optional max 80 comma separated SKUs



Attribute Description
date_time_created timestamp when the content was last generated (only for cached response, ISO 8601 format)
product_count total number of reviewables associated to the organisation
reviewables array of all the reviewables associated to the organisation
sku the sku of the reviewable
review_count number of published reviews associated to the reviewable
average_score average score associated to this reviewable