A reviewable is anything that reviews can be requested for, it is often a product or service that an organisation provides but could be a group or series of products. Reviews are aggregated for a group of reviewables and a number of organisations. If the organisation making the request has international aggregation turned on, reviews will be returned for all locales, otherwise reviews will only be returned for the organisation’s locale.


GET /v4/organisations/:trkref/reviewable?locale=:locale&sku=:sku


Parameter Requirement Description
trkref mandatory  
branch_code optional  
locale optional  
sku optional  
format optional Allowed values: short



Attribute Description
name identifier for the organisation
has_reviews flag for presence of reviews for organisation and reviewable
has_image flag for presence of image url for organisation and reviewable
finder_options parameters used to find the reviewable object
reviews_path path to reviews
organisation_url link to this reviewable on the organisation’s website
organisation_url_with_reviews link to open reviews in a lightbox on the organisation’s website


GET /v4/organisations/D10/reviewable?locale=en-GB&sku=AIPTPDV5700

   "name":"Toshiba DT01ACA0100 1TB",
   "organisation_url": "",
   "organisation_url_with_reviews": ""