Returns a questionnaire state and url or redirects to the questionnaire.


GET /v4/organisations/:trkref/questionnaire?email=:email&first_name=:first_name&order_ref=:order_ref&sku=:sku


trkref organisation trkref
email email of purchaser
first_name first name of purchaser (optional)
order_ref order reference
sku sku of product
redirect if passed with a true value you will be redirected to the actual questionnaire/review (optional)


state status of the review
url the url where the customer can leave or edit the review or see the review if it was published

Review state options

  • published - review published on the client website
  • rejected - review rejected by vetter and can be edited
  • pending_order - review submitted and waiting for a matching order
  • pending_moderation - review submitted and waiting for moderation
  • pending_publication - review accepted and waiting to be published
  • not_reviewed - no review submitted yet
  • undefined - is not possible to determine the review state



GET /v4/organisations/D10/questionnaire? Response:

  "state": "not_reviewed",
  "url": ""