Returns a list of all purchases done by purchaser identified by an email. For each purchase it returns the status of the associated review along with the review URL.


GET /v4/organisations/:trkref/purchasers/:email/purchases


Parameter Requirement Description
trkref mandatory organisation trkref
email mandatory email of purchaser



Attribute Description
purchase_date date of purchase
created_at date when the purchase record was created
contacted_at date when the review invitation was sent
order_ref order reference from the purchaser feed
sku pruduct sku
review_state status of the review (see below)
review_url the url where the customer can leave or edit the review or see the review if it was published

Review state options

  • published - review published on the client website
  • rejected - review rejected by vetter and can be edited
  • pending_order - review submitted and waiting for a matching order
  • pending_moderation - review submitted and waiting for moderation
  • pending_publication - review accepted and waiting to be published
  • not_reviewed - no review submitted yet
  • undefined - it is not possible to determine the review state



GET /v4/organisations/D10/purchasers/jane@example.com/purchases


    "purchase_date": "2015-01-08",
    "created_at": "2015-01-13T21:08:33Z",
    "contacted_at": "2015-01-22T02:32:53Z",
    "order_ref": "20222783",
    "sku": "LOC8798779",
    "review_state": "not_reviewed",
    "review_url": "http://reviews.reevoo.com/review/fill_review?hashcode=1aozsg-69r0yqm2mzzdep5naihtrfi9o20xp04&"
  }, {
    "purchase_date": "2015-01-08",
    "created_at": "2015-01-13T21:08:33Z",
    "contacted_at": "2015-01-22T02:32:53Z",
    "order_ref": "20222783",
    "sku": "LOC84324",
    "review_state": "pending_moderation",
    "review_url": nil
  }, {
    "purchase_date": "2015-01-01",
    "created_at": "2015-01-02T21:08:33Z",
    "contacted_at": "2015-01-03T02:32:53Z",
    "order_ref": "87783",
    "sku": "LOC2312",
    "review_state": "reviewed",
    "review_url": "http://carmen.staging/g/PND/NzkwNTEy/aHR0cD9tYXJrL3Jldmlldy84MjQxNDkw/L3JlZXZvb2gyNDE0OTA="