Match Purchases

Returns a list of all purchases done by purchaser identified by an email and matching the provided order references and skus. For each purchase it returns the status of the associated review along with the review URL. The list contains also the purchases for which we haven’t received an order confirmation (typically in a purchaser feed). For these we are able to provide an instant review URL that allow your customers to leave a review straight away.


POST /v4/organisations/:trkref/purchasers/:email/purchases/match


trkref organisation trkref
email email of purchaser

JSON body

purchases list of purchases (Array)
order_ref order reference
sku sku of the ordered product


purchase_date date of purchase
created_at date when the purchase record was created
contacted_at date when the review invitation was send
order_ref order reference from the purchaser feed
sku pruduct sku
review_state status of the review
review_url the url where the customer can leave or edit the review or see the review if it was published

Review state options

  • published - review published on the client website
  • rejected - review rejected by vetter and can be edited
  • pending_order - review submitted and waiting for a matching order
  • pending_moderation - review submitted and waiting for moderation
  • pending_publication - review accepted and waiting to be published
  • not_reviewed - no review submitted yet
  • undefined - is not possible to determine the review state



POST /v4/organisations/D10/purchasers/

  "purchases": [
          "order_ref": "A1104528927",
          "sku": "SKU23432"
          "order_ref": "A1104523114",
          "sku": "SKU4323"
          "order_ref": "B1104234333",
          "sku": "SKU9039"


    "purchase_date": "2015-01-08",
    "created_at": "2015-01-13T21:08:33Z",
    "contacted_at": "2015-01-22T02:32:53Z",
    "order_ref": "20222783",
    "sku": "LOC8798779",
    "review_state": "not_reviewed",
    "review_url": ""
  }, {
    "purchase_date": "2015-01-08",
    "created_at": "2015-01-13T21:08:33Z",
    "contacted_at": "2015-01-22T02:32:53Z",
    "order_ref": "20222783",
    "sku": "LOC84324",
    "review_state": "pending_moderation",
    "review_url": nil
  }, {
    "purchase_date": "2015-01-01",
    "created_at": "2015-01-02T21:08:33Z",
    "contacted_at": "2015-01-03T02:32:53Z",
    "order_ref": "87783",
    "sku": "LOC2312",
    "review_state": "reviewed",
    "review_url": "http://carmen.staging/g/PND/NzkwNTEy/aHR0cD9tYXJrL3Jldmlldy84MjQxNDkw/L3JlZXZvb2gyNDE0OTA="