Returns details for a single conversation.


GET /v4/conversations/:id?trkref=:trkref


Parameter Requirement Description
trkref mandatory  
id mandatory id of a conversation


GET /v4/conversations/223049?trkref=D10



Attribute Description
id identifier for the conversation
first_name name of the person that asked the question
question the question asked in this conversation
created_at the time at which the question was asked
helpful count of users who have flagged this question helpful
unhelpful count of users who have flagged this question not helpful
embeddable if this conversation is embeddable for SEO usage
retailer_locale the locale of the retailer
answers an array of customers answers to the question
fast_responses an array of retailer answers to the question


  "id": 223049,
  "first_name": "A shopper",
  "question": "How is this product?",
  "created_at": "2014-10-07T14:17:56Z",
  "helpful": 0,
  "unhelpful": 0,
  "embeddable": false,
  "retailer_locale": "en-GB",
  "answers_count": 1,
  "answers": [{
    "id": 259010,
    "response": "It is great.",
    "created_at": "2014-10-09T20:33:08Z",
    "first_name": "Ann",
    "town": "West London",
    "job_title": null,
    "reviewer_segment": "Family",
    "helpful": 0,
    "unhelpful": 0,
    "review_url": "",
    "review_locale": "en-GB",
    "reviewer_facebook_url": null,
    "response_type": "owner",
    "retailer_name": null,
    "retailer_image_url": null
  "fast_responses": [
     "response": "Hi Thanks for your query",
     "respondent": {
       "custom_name": "Customer Care",
       "first_name": null,
       "surname": null,
       "job_title": null,
       "display_name": "Customer Care"
     "organisation": {
       "trkref": "TEST",
       "name": "organisation",
       "logo": null
     "created_at": "2018-03-21T09:12:57.749+00:00"