Conversation Create

Creates new conversation question.

URL Format

POST /v4/organisations/{trkref}/conversations


POST /v4/organisations/D10/conversations


trkref retailer identifier

Request Body

JSON Attributes

sku product sku
first_name first name of the person that asked the question (optional, default: A shopper)
email email of the person that asked the question
question the question asked in this conversation


   "sku": "AIPTPDV5700",
   "first_name": "Joe",
   "email": "",
   "question": "How is this product?"

Possible responses

By HTTP status:

  • 202 Accepted - action was successful and question will be processed asynchronously
  • 404 Not Found - TRKREF or SKU does no exist or you are not authorised to access it
  • 422 Unprocessable Entity - there are some missing mandatory attributes (specified in response JSON)