Cookie Management

If you integrate Reevoo’s JavaScript library on your website, the library will drop 3 cookies (listed below) in the client’s browser. Those cookies are required for full functionality of Reevoo components, but it is possible to disable their usage. Reevoo’s JavaScript library supports Optanon cookie integration which enables you or users to control which cookie is dropped in the browser. Another option is to control cookie via script tag HTML attributes. See examples below.

List of used Optanon cookie groups and its explanation

ID Name Description
2 Performance Cookies Measure which pages are visited by the consumers. E.g. Google Analytics
3 Functional Cookies Enable the site to provide enhanced functionality and personalization. E.g. Sitecore Personilisation

List of cookies and its functionality

Name Expiration Usage Optanon Group ID
reevoo_stored_votes 1 hour Enable review helpfulness voting 3
reevoo_sp_id 2 years Tracking cookie which persists information about a user’s activity on the domain between sessions. It contains the following information:

• An ID for the user based on a hash of various browser attributes
• How many times the user has visited the domain
• The timestamp of the user’s first visit
• The timestamp of the current visit
• The timestamp of the last visit
• The ID of the current session
reevoo_sp_ses 30 min Tracking cookie. Its only purpose is to differentiate between different visits. 2

As mentioned above, Reevoo’s JavaScript library supports Optanon cookie integration. The logic behind this is quite simple. When the JavaScript library loads, it checks if OptanonConsent cookie is present. If so, it reads its configuration for enabled and disabled groups and changes the initialization strategy regarding to it.

Note: Disabling tracking cookie does not stop user to be tracked! Tracking functionality just anonymizes the user and every page load is treated as a visit of a new person.

Disable Helpfullness Voting Cookies

document.cookie = "OptanonConsent=groups=3:0"

Disable Tracking Cookies

document.cookie = "OptanonConsent=groups=2:0"

Disable All Cookies

document.cookie = "OptanonConsent=groups=3:0,2:0"

Enable All Cookies

document.cookie = "OptanonConsent=groups=3:1,2:1"

Same as example above, using script tag html attributes gives us possibility to manage cookie configuration. HTML tag attribute name is disable-cookie and allow to disable all cookies by passing value all or functional cookie by passing value functional or performance cookie by passing value performance. Please see example below. Important detail here is that script tag must have id reevoomark-loader.

Examples of script tag attribute seting

Disable Helpfullness Voting Cookies

<script defer="defer" src="//" disable-cookie="functional" id="reevoomark-loader" type="text/javascript"></script>

Disable Tracking Cookies

<script defer="defer" src="//" disable-cookie="performance" id="reevoomark-loader" type="text/javascript"></script>

Disable All Cookies

<script defer="defer" src="//" disable-cookie="all" id="reevoomark-loader" type="text/javascript"></script>