I am Diana, a recent graduate in Computer Science, and I was lucky to join a very enthusiastic tech start-up company called Reevoo.

In this post I want to describe what I think Reevoo is all about.

First think for a bit about the amount of products and services that are around you and about the time you spend buying the goods you desire/afford. Now, have you heard about Barry Schwartz? He is one of the brightest psychologist of our time, who believes that:

Too much choice can produce a paralysing uncertainty, depression, and selfishness

In his 2010 study he argued that in our current period we are overwhelmed with choices and opportunities and we always struggle to make the most optimal decision. Because the amount of choice that we have is so high, finding the best solution can be pretty expensive (time-based currency).

With the expansion of the Internet services over the last few years, the consumer choice has grown exponentially and today we have instant access to billions of products and services. There is so much choice that it’s difficult to find our way through so we ask others; we have forums, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and we share opinions, thoughts and advices about everything.

But there are so many opinions around all these products and in the same time so many scams that we also need to spend time researching on reviews that we actually trust.

Reevoo is a partial solution to this problem. It’s a web-service company that provides trusted reviews & ratings. What does this mean? It’s easy to understand with an example.

One of the retailers that decided to implement Reevoo platform is Dr. Martens. Now, every person that actually buys a product on Dr. Martens website will receive a questionnaire by email in which he can give his review about the product. The strongest pillar of Reevoo in my opinion is its transparency, because good or bad, all the reviews are published after being vetted by a real person for coarse language and swearwords. So if you go on Dr. Martens website and you look at any product you will be able to see a button that will give an overall score for that product based on the average scores given by the reviewers. If you click on that button you will be able to read the actual s reviews and to get a detailed summary of the good and bad parts of the product. There is a really nice feature, called conversations, that allows any consumer who is interested in the project to ask questions to the buyers that actually bought the products.

I was impressed by how willing people are to share their honest opinions about the products they bought, because the number of reviews is quite impressive. I believe that this is happening because people actually realise (consciously or subconsciously) Barry’s point: how much of a burden it is to have too much choice. Therefore they want to help and to be helped.

Reevoo built a bridge between these users seeking for mutual support and enhanced the experience of each one of us.

Barry Schwartz Ted Talk: The paradox of choice.