The Team

Reevoo Platform Team

We are engineers, designers and product managers who want to make the best stuff.

How do we work? That changes every day. You could call it agile, if you want to label it.

We ship a few times a day, using AWS, Capistrano, Chef, ...

We use Github because it's awesome. We use Pull Requests, because we all make mistakes. We write code in the language that fits the problem best. We write Ruby, Javascript, Java, PHP, C#, Go, Rust, Elixir, Clojure, ...

Oh, and we have scooters. Yes, scooters.

The Team

Alex Malkov

Professor Astro Cat

To answer your questions:

  1. Because he has a cat.
  2. Because he holds Master's degree in Physics (coincidentally, in Radio-Astronomy).
  3. Because Professor just sounds better!

On a daily basis, Alex is responsible for the formation and evolution of Reevoo's Solar System within the UGC Galaxy, fighting with the black holes and trying to organise the constellations of Reevoo's apps.

Unsurprisingly, Alex uses the Large Hadron Migrator in his work (no, not that big useless collider thing...) to achieve the team's longer-term technical and architectural goals.

Cian Leahy

Chief Stuff Breaker

Cian spends his day gleefully breaking things and annoying developers. He describes his favourite phrase as being, "it worked on my machine". The best day of his life was when Microsoft discontinued support for Internet Explorer 10, 9 and the hateful 8.

His past life included a spell on the dark side as a developer to learn the ways of the enemy. He's also run large QA teams for Aircom, Fizzback and NICE systems. In his spare time, he helps assist with climate change mapping in the (mostly submerged) Deep South of Ireland. He also enjoys teaching the future brats of the English Premier League how to win free kicks by nefarious means and celebrate goals with zero grace.

David Sevcik

Chief Beard Officer

David has been fascinated by computers from his childhood. Fortunately, over the years he has become less nerdy and started meeting human beings, which brought him to the Reevoo star team. His main focus at work is clean software design and architecture.

Outside of work he spends his free time travelling, meeting friends, learning new things and thinking how can software be the greatest benefit to mankind.

Ed Robinson

Words cannot describe what happens in the head of Ed. Fueled by a concoction of energy drinks described by the NHS as "death-inducing", Ed can often be found knee-deep in AWS, Vim or a new programming language. Ed is also a keen artist, drawing some of the beautiful creations you can see on this very page.

For safety reasons Ed spends the majority of his time working remotely from Bath. His screen saver is full of trains.

Ed Saunders

Token Metalhead

Ed's been playing with computers since he first started playing Prince of Persia and Civilisation II back on his parents' cruddy little Amstrad back in the early 90s. This grew into an (un)healthy gaming addiction which allowed him to somehow stumble into coding and a career as a software developer. Ultimately he lives by credo: "It's a great job and someone's gotta do it, so it might as well be me".

Outside of work he can be found propping up bars, playing with cats, listening to heavy metal, going to gigs and, of course, playing computer games. And sometimes being chased by balloonicorns.

Edwin Bos

The Bos

Edwin is Reevoo's longest serving employee, as shown by the involuntary shuddering he experiences every time someone mentions rewriting an application. From humble beginnings as a developer, Edwin has become an excellent person to bounce bizarre ideas off.

Edwin's main aim is to make things go faster, but is hindered in his progress by joining a team that shirk physical exercise at all costs.

Edwin enjoys sifting through user-generated content in his spare time.

Alexis Poirier

The French Froggy

If you think about stereotype, Alexis would be the perfect definition for it. He loves cheese, speak english with a beautiful french accent, and never commute to the office without his beret and 'baguette'.

His academic experience was quite chaotic but fortunately, programming was his redemption. He embraced the Ruby religion and he is now dedicating his life to it.

In his spare time Alexis likes running, learning russian and fly a mig 21 on DCS (requesting orders in russian of course).

But basically, Alexis likes to spend his whole time in front of a computer.

Henrique Rodrigues

Keeper of the Blinking Lights

Once bitten by a radioactive spider, Henrique vowed to use his powers for good. Unfortunately he became a sysadmin instead.

Armed with GNU in one hand and Linux on the other, he battles each day to prevent developers from making breaking changes to production. Or just changes in general, because uptime.

There will be no rest for Henrique until the whole world recognises the supremacy of shell scripting, Street Fighter III and shiny new pieces of technology. Self hailed as the ultimate 4th dimensional guitar hero, he was soon exposed for what he really is... a nerd.

Jesus Lara

Son of God

Born over 2000 years ago, Jesus married his long term partner Brian Lara in 2007.

His career highlight was turning water into sickly sweet Spanish dessert wine at a wedding at the age of 12. He has also fed the 5,000, accidentally causing the Eurozone crash of the late 2000s.

He describes his loves as including Gold, Frankincense and Java. Some have claimed that he is able to walk on water; this has not been Reevoo Verified. He is fond of Pina Coladas, but not getting caught in the rain.

At Reevoo, Jesus promotes documentation in the form of condescending parables and psalms.

John Plummer

Some say that he wrote Google in a Word document whilst bored after the Christmas party. Some say that he merged The Matrix with Second Life to create our current reality. Some say he eats at least 5 lunches a day.

All we know is that he is Our Great Leader.

Manuel Tiago Pereira


Manuel had to write is own profile on this About Us page, but he's so damn perfecionist about everything that he just froze and stared at a blank screen for long hours instead. He channels this trait of him to build reselient infrastructure automations but he ends up spending his time aligning characters perfectly on long text files.

He's also known to be a hobbie hoarder, given that he loves practicing martial arts, cycling, running, boardgaming, listening to music, drumming, coding, reading and grooming his pet bunny, to name a few. Whenever he feels like doing any one of these things, he blames himself for not dedicating more time to any of the others and freezes again.

Despite all that, he's a very nice and helpful person, always ready to help tackling any problems presented to him.

Maciej Palinski

Whatever Developer

Chicken is a base of his diet. If there's no chicken, it has to be pasta carbonara (say it with Italian accent - "carbonaaara") - with chicken, if possible. Some people say he was eating too much yeast during his childhood, therefore he has to book seats with more legroom.

On a daily basis he can't be seen in the office because he works remotely from his Universe Control Base somewhere out in Milky Way. After hours he tries to build a cross-planetary system which will allow humans to be more relaxed and chicken-friendly. Also, tries to convince them that chicken is a vegetable, so they can be vegetarians while still eating chicken.

To make his life easier he follows the simple rule "Don't make a chicken out of a feather!". It seems to be working.

Mike Moss

Dashboard Monkey

Mike spends more time than is healthy in Tableau making a dashboard for everything under the sun. Having started out in publishing as a market analyst he made a sideways career move into the fun world of data when he realised that numbers are better than words, and the only thing better than numbers are bright colours.

Outside of work, Mike enjoys shouting at rugby matches, either on the television or in person. He does not enjoy writing about himself in the third person because it's weird. His wife is trying to teach him Chinese, but he's not a good student.

Mitch Nicholson

Designated Australian

Mitch is Reevoo's copywriter and is responsible for such office initiatives as the Jamón Leg Syndicate, "New Year's Resolution trading", a collaborative list of things that are corporate, Australian accents and much more. The Human Resources department has nicknamed him "Vitamin M" because of the emotional nourishment he provides for his colleagues. He's also extremely humble.

Mitch used to write ads in Australia before moving to London for basically no reason a few years ago. In his spare time he enjoys writing for Reevoo's products and marketing.

Robin Bortlik

An interesting fact about Robin is that he is a direct descendant from the famed Nottingham Bortliks and was resettled in the Czech Republic following a disturbing incident in the woods featuring a band of Merry Men, some contraband and a scuffle with a fictional bear (see attached picture).

He is infamous and reviled at Reevoo for having an extremely poor sense of timekeeping, often arriving to the office several hours before his colleagues.

His favourite karaoke song is "I shot the Sheriff".

Roman Perona

Imagine a world where the world fits around you. A world where you can create at the speed of thought. A world where organisations behave as people.

This is now. This is Perona.


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